Saturday, December 13, 2008

Archive: Reflecting on 2007 (11/3/08)

Ok, so I before I launch into what is going to be a stunning month of music in March (Iron & Wine, Smashing Pumpkins with QOTSA, Wilco) I thought I'd do an overview of 2007, from go to wo... It all started with BDO and what a great day it was. Easily Muse were the highlight but Tool was amazing, the complexity of their songs is unrivalled. Kasabian also managed their afternoon slot with energy and guts - fantastic. Palmy turned on the gigs over the year and I was stoked that the live venue Bar Mode delivered some stunners including The Brunettes, So So Modern and Cornerstone Roots. Wellington drew me to San Fransisco Bathhouse to see great international acts the likes of John Butler Trio, Calexico, The Lemonheads and Gomez. All were fantastic, although John Butler seems to be getting a bit too into John Butler I think, a messianic complex looms. Palmy also put on a few free gigs and seeing Kora, The Feelers and The Black Seeds free at various venues was all good - keep up the good work Palmy. Of course as previously added Bloc Party was the gig of the year by a long shot, better than Bob Dylan, easily, better than Crowded House and even the reunited Supergroove, no problem at all, better even than the Datsuns/Shihad Wellington gig. Yes, it was totally amazing. So that was 2007 and with BDO '08 under my felt already 2008 is shaping up well... watch this space.

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