Saturday, December 13, 2008

Archive: BDO 08 Line Up (4/10/07)

So the first announcement is out for BDO08. Pretty happy with first lineup, esp. Bjork, Rage Against the Machine, Arcade Fire, Phoenix Foundation and LCD Soundsystem. I'm hoping the second announcement will include Smashing Pumpkins...we will see.

Being up in Auckland for a conference is great for the fact that I got to go to Real Groovy records for an extended period of time yesterday morning. I was there for the doors opening at 9 and got in as the skies opened. Aaaah, what a place...CDs everywhere, vinyl, posters DVDs, a heavenly experience. So, given the BDO lineup I thought I'd progress from having Bjork on tape (old school, but Debut & Post were the travel tapes from the mid '90s) to CD. Managed to score 4 of her back catalogue for dirt cheap, along with a couple of outstanding Beck albums. So many to put back...ah well...fiscal responsibility wins out in the end (sort of).

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